Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week 4/12 to 4/19

The team mainly focused on the presentation. On the other hand, we were informed by the Mobile app team before the Paseo that our sensor did not work properly with digital pins. Thus, we have to switch to analog pins and convert the analog signal in to digital signal in our program. And the program has to be retest in next week.

Week 4/5 to 4/12

This week was the Paseo Public Prototyping Challenge. Even though the position sensing system was not ready in the Paseo event, the position sensing team still participated in the whole Paseo event. We help assemble, dissemble and transporting the model. We also introduce the Spartan Superway project to the publics on the event.

Week 3/29 to 4/5

This is the week before the Paseo Public Prototyping Challenge. The team was informed that the track was completed. The team started to attach the corrugated metal strip on the tack. The adhesive we use to attach corrugated strip on the track is super glue. The team had tried hot glue, Epoxy and High-Strength spray adhesive. None of these adhesives work with our design. Thus, the team decided to use super glue instead. The corrugated metal strips were attached on the track. There was another new problem found. The corrugated metal strips have to leave space for the screws for assemble and dissemble the track, there no quick solution for the problem right now.

The mobile application team informed us that the communication system between the podcars was not ready yet, thus, the position sensing system will not be ready for the Paseo event.

3/22 to 3/29

It was spring break, all team members were out of town during the break. However, the sensor bracket for the Hall Effect sensors and the magnets were redesigned before the break. The drawing was sent to the 3D printing shop, and the 3D print was in process. The sensor should be ready at the end of the break, and the team will start wiring up the encoder after the break.

Week 3/15 to 3/22

This week, the team spend time on manufacturing the corrugated metal strip for the whole track. The team first cut out metal strips with the sheet metal shear in the shop, then use our device to create the corrugated metal strips. Because of random error made by human during cutting out the metal strips, the width of the metal strip cannot be exactly 5 mm as designed. Our team tried to control the cutting process in order to keep the width of the metal strip to be 5.5 ± 0.5 mm. A few strips was measured to be out of the tolerance level because of the improper manufacture process, and we replaced them with new strips. The strips were successfully cut and corrugated, the team is waiting for the completion of the track.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


In this week, our team was focusing on programming the position sensing system. The idea was to create a function which counts for once when one of the sensors detects a signal change from HIGH to LOW, calculates the corresponding distance from the counts, and display the distance of the podcar from the last station. The program was finished, but the team is facing a problem of experiencing a high-frequency signal change of the sensors if the podcar stops at a position where the sensor detects a portion of the peak. The team is planning on adding a LOW PASS DIGITAL FILTER to our program. Hopefully, the problem can be solve with the low pass digital filter.However, we are trying to get advice from the app development team first.

Attached is the presentation 1 from our team:


In this week, our team mainly focused on the presentation. In order to display the precision of our sensing system design, we made speed testing device. This device was made by a circular wood board, a corrugated metal strip, and a Hall Effect sensor. We fixed the strip on the edge of the wood board, and also we fixed the Hall Effect sensor on another wood board. The distance between sensor and the strip would be about 3mm. The outlook will be shown below(Figure 2).

In addition, we also did some improvement for the device which used for making the corrugated metal strip. The outlook will be shown below also(Figure 1).

Figure 1:                                                                       Figure 2: